Our Philosophy and Programs



Hoopaholics is dedicated to our athletes full potential as players and people. Through basketball development, our coaches encourage confidence, developing good habits, and understanding the only failure is not giving your best. As a result, Hoopaholics players are more developed after joining our program.
Mission Statement
Hoopaholics inspires and develops youth basketball players on and off the court, cultivating an excitement guided by life lessons learned through the game.



Our Programs (Click on each to learn more):

  • Teams
    • Boys and Girls Grades 4th through High School.  
    • For players dedicated to the game and looking to improve through regular practice and games.
  • Lil' Dribblers
    • Boys and Girls Ages 5-9.  
    • For Brand New and Newer players looking to learn the very basics of the game in a fun and learning atmosphere.
    • Opportunity for Skill developement and Informal League Play.
  • Training League
    • Boys Grades 4th through 8th.  
    • For players looking to develop skills in informal training and in-house game setting.  
    • This is a perfect precursor to joining a Hoopaholics team.
  • Boys Training and Girls Training
    • Boys and Girls Grades 3rd to High School.  
    • For players looking to develop skills on a weekly basis with more individual attention.
  • Camps
    • Boys and Girls Grades 3rd through 8th.  
    • For players looking to learn the fundamentals of the game in a shortened (1 to 5 days) time period.


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Our Goals:

  •        Players develop excitement for basketball and being active
  •        Players develop strong bonds with teammates, coaches and respect for opponent
  •        Players look forward to going to the gym and improving
  •       Three intangibles we emphasize: Confidence (through goal setting), Good habits through choices, and learning about the real failure of not trying your best.
  •        Players develop more confidence in basketball and themselves as individuals, through goal setting and fortitude
  •        Players develop good habits by making good choice.
  •        Players learn that the only failure is not trying, or giving up when they come up short
  •      Ultimately, we want all players will leave our program not only better basketball players, but more enthusiastic towards the game and better prepared for life’s challenges.

               Where does competition fit in?

One of our greatest challenges is handling the competitive aspect of our work. Where does winning fit?  Hoopaholics is not about winning at all costs, but teaching our players HOW to win:

  • We work hard every day in practice, knowing there is always room for improvement
  • We win with grace and lose with class.
  • We always respect the game, the opponent, and the officials
  • We share the passion of the game from our coaches and display this every time we take the court
  • We play the game the right way and strive to do the same in our lives
  • We want to develop players that compete hard and play to win but are able to take the many lessons learned when they don’t.



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